"Ongi etorri/Welcome" to the ABILKI* home cattery! Before arriving to their new homes, here Kittens will skillfully know (abilki in Basque language) at least one trick (trained with positive reinforcement)

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It has been updated today.

Thank you very much to those within the list that help us keep the list updated.

On April 1, once the current kittens are 4 weeks old, we will contact the people in the list to proceed with the completion of the reservations.

Waiting List. On December 15, 2018

Planned Litters >>

On last Monday, March 4, ABILKI litter # 9 was born and its follow up pictures and videos are available now.

9th ABILKI litter.

Planned Litters >>

After the outcome of the last litters, the planned litters have been updated.

Available: Retired breeder >>

Insalah is done with his reproductive stage and will be neutered. He is be available for a very special new family.

Retired breeder: Insalah.

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