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In the content below it is explained how to obtain an ABILKI abyssinian:

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The goal of Abilki home cattery is not earning profit, but contributing in the improvement of the Abyssinian cat breed, promoting the breed and getting deeper in training cats. With the price of the sold kittens we try recovering and balancing the expenses of the breeding program, thus, we try to share the expenses among those of us who desire to contribute for the Abyssinian breed to be preserved.

You may find 3 types of Abyssinians available in our home-cattery: Kittens, Ex successor-daughters, and Retired parents.

We do not offer breeding cats (intact cats) nor mating services to people that are not registered as breeders in a cat organization.

Currently these are the available Abyssinians:

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Purchasing Procedure

These are the steps to purchase one of our abyssinians:

  • 1. Download, fulfill and send us our Adoption Questionnaire to the email address of . Sabin himself, the manager of the cattery, will review it and will contact you to announce its approval or to solve doubts that he may encounter.
  • 2. To sign-up for the Waiting-List (see it bellow). We will proceed with it automatically and with no compromise, upon the approval of the questionnaire.
  • 3. When an abyssinian with your chosen characteristics is available (when a kitten is born or an adult is retired), we will inform you and give you some time for you to ratify your interest (of 4 weeks after a kitten is born, and of 3 weeks after the neutering of an adult).
  • 4. To ratify your interest you will have to sign the Sales Contract that we will send to you (see the sample in the link), and pay the reservation or deposit of the cat (which will be half of the total price agreed in the Sales Contract).
  • 5. Last, before the reserved abyssinian goes to your home, you will complete the payment of the second half of price agreed in the Sales Contract.

You will the able to keep track of the purchasing procedure of all the available abyssinians through the notes we will incorporate into the Waiting List.

Any question will be welcome at the email, Whatsapp or telephone contact details available in the About Us section.

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Waiting List:

If you are sure you would like purchasing your cat in the Abilki Abyssinian domestic cattery, and if at this moment there is no kitten available with your desired characteristics, we advise you to include yourself in the Waiting List as soon as possible to ensure your wished options and avoid surprises later.

To do so, you need to download our Adoption Questionnaire, fulfill it and send it to us to the email address of .

Note: Due to different personal reasons caused by the COVID-19 pandemic the people that where in the Waiting List have chosen to postpone their purchasing procedure for the next season. Therefore, the abyssinians mentioned above are still available.

# Client's Name
& Location
Cat Qty. Sex Color
1st option 2nd option 1st option 2nd option 3rd option
For retired abys in 2021
1 Marc V.V.
1 retired Female Male Ruddy Blue Sorrel
For litters in 2021
1 Lola R.S.
1 kitten Male Female Ruddy Blue Sorrel
2 Eneko I.L.
1 kitten Male Female Ruddy Blue Sorrel
3 Sebas P.M.
2 kittens 1 Male + 1 Female Ruddy Blue None
4 Antonio D.H.
1 kitten Female Male Sorrel Ruddy Blue
5 Dario M.M.
1 kitten Female Male Ruddy Sorrel Blue
6 Firas M.
1 kitten Female None Ruddy Sorrel Blue
7 Alyona T.
1 kitten Male None Ruddy Sorrel None

Note: current parents combinations can only conceive ruddy (ABY n), blue (ABY a) and sorrel (ABY o) colors. Thus, nowadays we have not options of conceiving fawn color (ABY p).

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Other topics: (soon to be developed in the FAQ section)

  • What to look after when buying pure bred kitten?
  • Welcoming the kitten to the new home: things to have ready from the very 1st day.
  • Play time and Training, what for?
  • Nutrition and Health.
  • Scientific facts and conclusions on Early neutering
  • Bibliography for new owners.

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Any other question is welcome to be emailed to the address provided in the About Us section. If you want to read the answers as soon as we load them up, send us your email in the blank box below.

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