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Since most intact males do mark through spraying, it's hard to manage males in a domestic or home cattery, therefore, the first ABILKI litters were possible thanks to a external stud service.

Results obtained with Flash were very good, but he is no longer available.

Sometimes an individual cat may be beautiful and charming, but may not be a prolific breeder. That was the case of Insalah.

Currently we are searching for a new male that will possess the reproductive quality of Flash and the affection of Insalah.


GIC ABYMYSTICA Flash Royal of Kenzoo

Flash is a handsome ruddy male and Grand International Champion (GIC) of russian origin, that was brought from Denmark. He is no longer available.

ABUSIR Insalah

Insalah is a ruddy male with a nice set of big ears and a long tail, of german origin. He is no longer available.

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