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Abilki* Haute


Haute is a ruddy female full of energy.

She is the first abyssinian ever being born in the ABILKI cattery. Thanks to her we got a pass for participating in the FIFe World Show of 2015!


Name: Abilki* Haute

Calling name: Haute

Color: Ruddy

Date of Birth: May-24, 2015

Mother: IC Faby-Cats* Isolde (Lehena)

Mother of 1st ABILKI litter: Lehena (Isolde)

Father: GIC Abymystica* Flash Royal of Kenzoo

Father of 1st ABILKI litter: Abymystica Flash Royal of Kenzoo


EMS code: ABY n

Sorrel carrier: Yes >>

Dilution carrier: No >>

Long-hair carrier: No
(by parentage: Mother >> , Father >>).

b-type blood carrier: not tested
(by parentage: Mother not >>, Father yes >>).

PRA rdAc: Negative
(by parentage: Mother >> , Father >>).

PRA Rdy: Negative
(by parentage: Mother >> , Father >>).

PK tets: Negative
(by parentage: Mother >> , Father >>).

PKD test: Negative
(by parentage: Mother >> , Father >>).

MPS-VI: Negative
(by parentage: Mother >> , Father >>).


Class Result Judge Date Place Club
12 (Kitten) Ex2 Facrice Calmes 10-24, 2015 Malmö
(S, EU)
WS15 (2015 World Show). SVERAK (FIFe Sweden)
12 (Kitten) Ex1 Luigi Comorio 10-18, 2015 Malaga
(E, Spain)
ASFE (FIFe Spain)
12 (Kitten) Ex1, BIV, NOM Dorte Kaae 10-17, 2015 Malaga
(E, EU)
ASFE (FIFe Spain)
12 (Kitten) Ex1 Stephe Bruin 9-27, 2015 Montauban
(F, EU)
CCO - FFF (FIFe France)
12 (Kitten) Ex1, NOM Lili Anciau 9-26, 2015 Montauban
(F, EU)
CCO - FFF (FIFe France)
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