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The health and welfare (life quality) of the females are our priority. For that reason, each breeding female (queen) will only breed 5 litters in her life (maximum) and, afterwards, she will be neutered, so she can also enjoy the good life of companionship life style.

To improve the Abyssinian breed, we keep the best daughter amongst all the 5 litters of the breeding female, the Successor-daughter. These kittens are born in the span of 5 years. When a new daughter with better characteristics than the former one is born, she becomes the new successor-daughter, and the former one becomes an Ex successor-daughter and will be set as available.

Ex successor-daughters will most likely be 2 to 5 years old. Our ex-successor daughters have these cons:

  • They are well socialized and trained, because they have been born, raised and trained at a human home environment.
  • They request from new owners less dedication than kittens do, since kittens have higher energy level. They have less chances to develop behavioral problems, since they have already been well trained, unlike adult cats born and raised in streets and in farms, or unlike kittens raised by humans with no former experience with cats.
  • They are still young.

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