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Below, important information is explained about our ABILKI abyssinian kittens:

Kittens' General Information:

Our kittens, younger than two years old, are placed in their new homes when they are at least 4 months old (ocasionally, after they have participated in a FIFe cat show). They are always provided with the following (farther details are available in sales-contract sample >> ):

  • Microchip.
  • Passport from the European Union.
  • External and internal de-parasating (de-worming included).
  • Certificate of negative result for the Feline Leukemia virus test. It is done before the first shot against that virus is given, when the father has been used from a stud-service out of our cattery.
  • Pentavalent vaccine (Panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, feline leukemia virus and chlamydia). First shot and the first booster a month apart, both will be given to the kitten. If the kitten will be keep indoor and it will not breed, for the annual booster the trivalent vaccine and the Feline Leukemia Virus vaccine will be enough.
  • Vaccine against Rabies. This one does not require a first one-month-apart-booster. If the cat is intended to travel on planes, the booster should be given annually. If the kitten is not foreseen to travel in public transportation and it will live in a rabies-free state, or kept indoor and with no interaction options with wild life (bats, mice, street cats, ...) no booster is required. If it will live in a non rabies-free state, the booster vaccine is advised. Though in this case, if the cat is not going to travel on planes, a boost shot every 3 years could be enough (depending on the manufacturer and the procedures followed by your veterinarian).
  • Sterilized and with a Health-Certificate signed by our veterinarian.
  • A copy of the genetic tests results of its parents.
  • 2 years of Health Guarantee. It is detailed in the Sales Contract sample.
  • Pedigree
  • Signed copy of the Sales Contract. See here a sample of the contract >>.
  • Signed Certificate of Owner Transference.
  • A kitten's kit to be used in the welcoming process of the kittens in its new home (a bit of dry food, a little bit of its sand litter, a blanket with its litter mates' scent, an interactive toy, a clicker and some training treats).

Info for new owners:

  • Kittens are directly handed to the new owners, and never through pet-shops, nor third parties.
  • All pet quality kittens are given neutered beforehand.
  • We do not offer breeding cats nor mating services to people that are not registered as breeders in a cat organization.

Waiting List:

It is a good idea to add yourself to the waiting list as soon as you decide that you want a kitten from Abilki to avoid disappointments later.

You will find farther details about purchasing procedure in the Available section tab.

Other topics:

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See more information about our kittens, litters and plans here:

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